West Australian Society of Magicians

Welcome to the  West Australian Society of Magicians (WASM).

Covid-19 Update

WASM, due to the current requirements of “Social Distancing” and group gathering  restrictions has gone “Underground”…well not exactly, it’s just that we are not currently meeting in a public forum.

We are trialling a process using “Zoom” video conferencing so please feel free to touch base via our Contact Page.

WASM is one of the oldest magical societies in the world and it is a privilege and honour for the collective membership  to provide the ongoing comraderie of this group of magicians.

WASM began with an inauguration meeting on 26th Jan 1922 that was then followed by the first “official” meeting on 6th Feb 1922.

Since those early days WASM has catered for a wide range of persons with an interest in magic and “kindred arts”.

There is a wide range of ages, experiences skills and abilities which make for a well rounded group of individuals.

So what are we about??

From our Constitution:

The objects of WASM/the Society shall be:

  • To promote the Art of Magic

  • To establish harmony among Magicians and those interested in Magic or its Kindred Arts.

  • To entertain and welcome visiting Magicians

  • To instruct and improve its Members in the Art of Magic in all its various branches.

  • To discourage the public disclosure of Magical Secrets.

  • To organise entertainments, lectures, etc. for the mutual benefit of the Members.

  • To maintain a reference library of works relating to the Art of Magic and its kindred subjects.

  • To maintain the Magician Code of Ethics

WASM meets regularly, currently On-line, with the focus being on performing, sharing and learning all aspects of our craft.

Should you wish to know more, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

Yours in Magic…..

Vince Haines – President West Australian Society of Magicians