Tuesday 12th June 2018 – Magic Lecture – Christian Schenk from Cardshark – PLEASE NOTE NEW DAY / DATE

Christian is a fascinating guy and this is a terrific lecture. He shows a stack of really amazing tricks which have such incredible gaffs that they fool you badly. He also talks about taking on the Bicycle company and essentially winning. In other words, how he got them to work with him to produce the finest gaffed cards ever. He also talks about the printing process for cards and how it all comes together. If you’ve ever wondered about the machines, the finishes, the run sizes, the costs and effort involved and also perhaps how you could get your own gaff made, this guy knows all there is to know. Its an entertaining and interesting lecture and he presents it in an enthusiastic and yet humble way. He’s a super likable guy who works with the biggest names in Magic.

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