Wednesday Oct 3rd 2018 – Magic Lecture – Think Nguyen – 6.45pm – 9.45pm

“Think Nguyen is a card magician of RARE TALENT – technically accomplished,
fantastically creative, but also possessed of a deep understanding of the
principles of magic performance. I had the privilege of spending a day with him
and almost everything he showed me fooled me: that’s six or seven pieces across
the day, I had no clue – and the ultimate kicker was that most of it was bafflingly
simple when he finally explained it. I’m a huge fan of Think and his exciting,
innovative material and I use it regularly when I want to fry magicians. I think
anyone who likes card magic needs to get to know him and his incredible magic.” – Phill Smith

“Every once in a while you meet someone who completely changes the way you
think about magic and that for me, is Think. Think is an incredible magician and creates magic that is beautiful, WELL STUCTURED and a pleasure to witness.
Think’s presentations are truly magical.” – Mahdi Gilbert

“Think’s Fairy Dust – one of the most TRULY MAGICAL VISUALS in card
magic.” – DMC

“Think is INSANE! – His performances are slick and his technique is impeccable.
I’m a fan!”- Peter Turner

“Think creates and performs some of the most intelligent, INNOVATIVE and
ORIGINAL card magic I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. He combines a love of
obscure methodology with a commitment to clear, direct and powerful effects. I’m
confident that you’ll thoroughly enjoy his offerings.” – Ross Tayler

“Think’s magic is beautiful and CAPTIVATING. His performance style is fun,
entertaining and engaging. He truly is a rising star of card magic. Trust me this
guy is going places!” – Peter Nardi


Magic Lecture – Think Nguyen

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